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Day Tours Gauteng

Looking For Day Tours Gauteng?  Msila Tours Offer Day Tours In Gauteng South Africa.  Select From Our Various Day Tours Gauteng or Any One Of Our Day Trips From Our Tours Below.  Msila Tours Is A Premier Tour Company Offering Day Tours in Gauteng Plus Gauteng Day Tours And Excursions.

Gauteng Day Tours

Day Tours In And Around Johannesburg Gauteng

Day Tours Gauteng

Affordable Day Tours Gauteng

Traditional Healer Tour

Day Tours GautengTraditional healing-Ngoma-is a philosophy based on a belief in ancestral spirits and the practice of traditional African medicine.It is estimated that there are as many as 200,000 indigenous traditional healers in South Africa compared to 25 000 Western trained doctors.  Traditional healers are consulted by mre than 60% of the South African population.  They visit traditional healers for various reasons namely:Knowing what the future holds for them, infertility, family problems, explanation of dreams, long illnesses not treatable by Western doctors, casting away bad spirits & bad luck, unbreaking of family curses… mention but a few.

This Gauteng day tour starts with a drive in Jhb Cbd-Kwa Mai Mai village.  Here you get to see all things traditional-from muti to craft & animal skins.Meet men & women from the rural parts of S.A who leave their homes to live in these one roomed smallholdings just so they can sell their hand woven artifacts.  Men & women in this establishment spend their everyday lives weaving,making clay pots,beading & sewing traditional attires.  They sell these for a living-others practice traditional healing and sell traditional medicines in the village.  Kwa Mai Mai is well known for its traditional richness,art and traditional dance and it’s one of the oldest traditional markets in Jhb.

Traditional Medicines Market Tour

Your next stop is Faraday-the traditional medicines market.This is a place where all sorts of traditional medicines can be found and purchased.Most people selling in this market are not traditional healers but rather people who gre up in homes where traditional healing was/is being practiced,people with a vast knowledge of traditional plants and those who simply love hunting.They then sell all plants and these animals to Sangomas who make use of animal fat,bones,skin and plants when mixing their muti.

Traditional Healer House Tour

You then get to the highlight of the tour- A Traditional Healer’s house.  Based in Mondeor- South of Johannesburg-a few minutes from the Cbd is a young, educated, intelligent Sangoma who practices all sorts of traditional healing methods and Faith healing as well.  Her story,her journey and the fact that she practices all seven forms of healing methods is an amazing aspect about this woman and the tour would not be complete without seeing this amazing woman.

With an engineering and business management background, her journey to traditional healing is one that has left many surprised and gives a new perspective to this form of healing.  She was called to ancestral practice seven different times as it turned out she has seven spirits which come in seven different forms-Indawe, Inguni, Balozi, Gedla… mention but a few.

Share her journey as she narrates her real life story-how she left her corporate environment to fulfill her ancestral duties.  She talks about the good and bad experiences during training and practicing-how she finally accepted who she is and traditional healing has changed and shaped her new life.  Here you get to sit inside the healer’s hut(Indumba), take photos and learn about traditional medicines.

Traditional Lunch

Choose to have traditionally cooked lunch at the healer’s house.Enjoy traditional dishes served in traditional stylein a traditionally built lapa overlooking the beautiful mountains of the Southern Suburb and enjoy the sounds of birds.Nothing else but a moment of tranquility in a different style…


Have lunch at your last stop,Soweto-thereafter visiting another healer’s village –The Credo Mutwa Village(Khayalendaba cultural village).  Khayalendaba cultural village-an open air museum celebrating African Art and Sculptures.  The cultural village was built by South African artist, traditional healer Credo Mutwa.  Here you get to learn about the Nguni and Sotho tribes and Credo Mutwa’s predictions he made in the 70’s and actually happened-like the 09/11 terrorist attack on America.  From here you are then driven back to your hotel.

The Gauteng Nature Reserve-Day Tour

Day Tours GautengCome on an adventure with us to the Rhino & Lion Park. The Gauteng Nature Reserve located in the cradle of humankind.

This Gauteng day tour starts at an acclaimed world heritage site with fascinating species, such as the white rhino, more than 30 species of game including the 3 of the big 5.  Take a ride to view the Kruger lion ,white rhino ,and buffalo, to mention but a few of these fascinating species.  To add to this exciting adventure we take a ride to explore the endangered species like the wild dog, cheetah, Bengal tigers and more than 20 species of the antelope can be viewed from a vulture hide.

Crocodile Farm Tour

Then take a short drive to the Crocodile Farm.  This is what an adventurer needs to keep the fun and adventure going with the opportunity to hold crocodile eggs, skins and skulls, and a live baby crocodile.  The adventure continues as you are taken on an informative guided tour on display. Here you get to see the small to giant crocodiles of more than 5 meters in length. After the session you can relax in the tea garden area to enjoy your lunch. Further more see some fascinating insects and reptiles that are on display and can be held.

End your tour with the visit to the charming Soweto snake show where we meet the “snake woman “as she is known by the residents of Vilakazi street in Orlando west township. See how she interacts with the reptiles and you can be part of the show by also feeling the reptiles around your body.

A walk down the beautiful,and famous Vilakazi Street with various artifacts & craft to buy is the perfect way to end your day tour.

Lesedi Cultural Experience

Gauteng Day ToursLESEDI offers two unique day tour experiences in themselves, where guests can share the excitement and warmth of true Rural African Culture.

We invite you to experience the spirit of Ubuntu at this unique cultural venue where the people of LESEDI welcome you with music, song and the warmth of Africa. One of LESEDI’S many differentiating factor is the village’s natural and tasteful incorporation into the surrounding bush, with five traditional homesteads including Zulu, Xhosa, Basotho and Ndebele.


  • Entrance fees to LESEDI Cultural Village.
  • Traditional African welcome, lunch/dinner.
  • Attend multi-visual theatre presentation on the history and origin of the people.
  • Guided Tour of four homesteads.
  • Song and dance of all five villages.
  • A pan African Feast.
  • Bottled water.


Sun City And Pilanesburg Tour

Gauteng Day TourThe Palace of the Lost City is one of the leading hotels around the world.  The Tour Guide takes you around the palace and gives you the history of the palace, then you walk around the public and the famous areas of the palace and your guide will inform you about all the different sculptures and custom made furniture in the palace.

PILANESBURG GAME RESERVE is in the Bojanala Region adjacent to Sun City.  PILANESBURG National Park accommodates virtually every mammal of Southern Africa, Also home to the Big Five.


  • Entrance fees into the PILANESBURG National Park and the Palace of the Lost City.
  • Game viewing in the PILANESBURG National Park.
  • Guided Tour of the Palace of the Lost City.
  • Registered Guide
  • Bottled water in the microbus


Rhino & Lion Park Tour

rhinoThe Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve is a privately owned game reserve, covering approximately 1 200 hectors on the typical Highveld of Gauteng. The Reserve is situated in the “Cradle of Human Kind”.  A declared World Heritage Site, about 40km North-West of Johannesburg.

Rhino & Lion Park Day Tour Includes:

  • Entrance fees to the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve and the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve Animal Creche.
  • Touch and take a photograph with Lions and Tiger cubs, Cheetah cubs ETC (subject to availability)
  • Guided trip throughout the Reserve viewing all the different species and it is possible to view more than 20 different species of game.
  • Professional Tour Guide
  • Bottled water 

Rhino & Lion Park- R920 pp

Elephant Sanctuary Tour

Day Tour In GautengOn this Gauteng Day Tour the Elephant Sanctuary guides will provide in depth information and insight into African Elephants. You will be introduced to the elephants in the forest area, and here you will be able to touch and interact with the elephants. You will see the special relationship that the elephant handlers share with their elephants and become a part of it. Walk trunk-in hand with the elephants. See the stables where the elephants sleep at night.

You will learn about elephant anatomy and are able to feed them. On some hot or rainy days you may see the elephants swimming.  Enjoy a drink from the cash bar on the main deck before lunch is served. Remember to wear flat walking shoes, sun hats and bring your camera.

Elephant Sanctuary Day Tour Includes:

  • Entrance fees into elephant sanctuary.
  • Touch and interact with the elephants.
  • Walk trunk in hand.
  • Lunch is on the main deck overlooking the elephants (own coast).
  • Bottled water.

Elephant Sanctuary Tour- R1800 pp

Day Tours Gauteng

Do not hesitate to contact us for your day tours gauteng.  Msila Tours and Travel are your premier provider of day tours Gauteng.  So if you want to go for a day trip or visit the sites and wonders of Gauteng then you are in the right place for Gauteng Day Tours.  You may want to read more about Gauteng.  Feel free also to learn more about the province on one of our day tours gauteng.

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  • Day Tours Gauteng

Day Tours Gauteng

  • Day Tours Gauteng

Day Tours Gauteng

Day Tours Gauteng

  1. Day Tours Gauteng

Day Tours Gauteng

Msila tours are best placed to do Gauteng Day Tours as we have many years experience in providing guides and tours to visitors  of Gauteng.  We cover all the major tourist attractions on Gauteng Day Tours, plus you get professional service on your day tours gauteng as we cover Johannesburg and Pretoria as well as all the prime tourist areas on our gauteng day tours.

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Gauteng Day Tours

Gauteng Day Tours

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