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Cultural Villages Tour

Your day will start at the Kwa Mai-Mai traditional village and Crafts centre, to the Muti village and shops as this is a cultural tour.  Here you will experience the real African traditional way of living, the African traditional healing (Sangomas & their initiates) and medicines, African craft and attires.

For the healers or those interested in traditional healing, an hour  visit to a real, qualified  Sangoma (traditional healer) in practise is arranged in the Southern surburbs of Johannesburg.  You will be allowed to sit inside the original Zulu dome, where she practises.  She will answer any traditional healing questions and concerns, you will also be allowed to take photos of her establishment, and even stay for a  personal reading  if you like at an additional cost. 

Here you can also shop for tradional Zulu & Swati craftwork, beadwork, and kangas that she makes.  You will then be driven to the Lesedi Cultural Village-here you will experience and understand the diverse South African cultures (Pedi,Zulu,Xhosa,Basotho). 

 This is a true South African traditional homestead. You will have a traditional dish for lunch, and be entertained by African dancers.  Your cultural day ends at the Credo Mutwa Cultural Village, located in the heart of Soweto.  This village contains remarkable collection of sculptures and buildings.  It offers an outdoor museum of African art, culture and folklore, with sculptures of human and animal figures and dwellings drawn from a variety of African building styles.